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Why Opt for Hair Extensions?

So what are the benefits of having Hair Extensions? This is a questions that we often get asked.

The thing that we personally love is seeing the way Hair Extensions can transform the way people feel about themselves. It can be not just a beauty overhaul but a confidence over haul too! It is amazing what results you can achieve by adding volume, length or colour. Hair Extensions are a great way to create a new look instantly!

Here are some possible reasons why you could be considering hair extensions:

Do you struggle to grow your natural hair. Does your hair yet to “a certain point” and then just kind of stop growing?

If so extensions could be for you. You can add length to your hair instantly. You can up to double the length of your natural hair. Although you may just want that extra out of reach couple of inches added to your mane. (See below)


Is your hair quite fine and could do with a little volume?

Well a Pro Volume could be just want you need. A pro volume adds just thickness to your hair making your hair looked more groomed and luscious. This is suitable for people who have quite fine natural hair as minimal attachments are used to avoid breakage of the hair. (See below)


Do you want to a a touch of colour without the use of chemicals or bleach?

A flash of colour can be added to your hair to give you a highlighted or Ombre effect without having to treat you hair with harsh chemicals.(See below)


Hair extensions are not necessarily suitable for everyone but you should always go to a free consultation to discuss the options. This is where you have a chance to ask your questions and have a colour match done if you do indeed decide to opt for hair extensions.

Good Luck