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Why Choose Human Hair Extensions Over Synthetic?

When choosing your hair extensions it is important to weigh up all the pros and cons fully! One thing that we really do believe is 100% human hair will always be the best choice. There are many synthetic brands on the market but none will every be quite as good as the real deal!!

We offer 100% Human ethically sourced Indian Temple hair. This means that we ensure all of our hair comes directly from the temples in India. Women and men donate their hair in a spiritual ceremony. And, because of the natural oils in the human hair that we source, we’re confident in the quality of the hair! This is why our customers are always happy!

Knowing where the hair comes from is not the only plus of using 100% Human hair. 100% Human hair extensions will blend much better with your own hair. You want a seamless and flawless look. Your hair extensions should look like your real hair, this is much more likely to be achieved with human hair.

You will also be able to style your hair in the same way you do your real hair and it is much more likely to hold and say beautiful for longer.

Although many synthetic hair brands can indeed look like the real deal, they’re not. They’re man-made from plastic fibres and can never live up to the real thing!