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What makes a good Premium Human Hair Extension Distributor/Supplier?

Hair Extensionists throughout the world all strive for one main thing…… to find a reliable and high quality human hair extension supplier. This is where Extension Professional come in!


Extension Professional is a UK based company that’s main focus is hair extension education and distribution of high quality  premium human hair extensions for the hairdressing industry.

With the hair extension industry booming all over the world the need for premium quality human hair extension distributors is in greater demand than ever before.  It is all about finding a sustainable and ethical source of Human Hair extensions to satisfy the supply and demand, to allow hairdressers and hair extension technicians to feel confident in their work.


The problem lies in the fact that many human hair Suppliers cannot produce and maintain the quality needed to provide the finest hair extensions. This is because they try to process the human hair too fast.  Many use bleach and harsh chemicals to strip the colour out of the hair, this leaves the end user (the clients) with dry life less hair extension when applied.  To produce great quality human hair extensions you need special recipe that allows the colour to gently be lifted from the open the cuticle and the pigment removed (De-pigmentation) this slow process leaves the cuticle completely intact.

Much of the Chinese hair on the market today has had the cuticle striped with harsh acids to get the colour out of the hair fast. This  method will never leave the human hair extensions in the best possible condition thus leaving the foundations for great hair extension work in a bad place from the start.

As with everything in life to get perfection takes time and this is so true when producing high quality hair. Our aim is to become one of the greatest hair extension distributors in the UK.