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Truth About Hair Extensions – Getting it right!

We have all heard hair extension horror stories! The truth is there is a nasty side to hair extensions but this nasty side can and should be avoided at all costs.

So who has heard this:

“Hair extensions are bad for your hair”

“Hair extensions makes your hair thin”

“Hair extensions cause bald patches”

Sound familiar? These are just some of the lingering accusations that fall in the shadow of the controversy surrounding hair extensions.

But the question we ask you to consider is this: Is this genuinely the case or is it simply down to people not being educated about what makes good and bad hair extensions?

Combine that with a bad stylist who is not educated fully and incorrect maintenance and you have yourself a hair horror story in the making and an impending bad reputation

The truth of the matter is that when done correctly hair extensions are an amazingly quick and simple way to transform your hair and colour into the style of your dreams. But, and here is the big but……. Hair extensions are only good WHEN:

1. You have taken time to research what type of hair extensions you want. It is important to do your research.

2. When you have good quality 100% Indian temple hair, from a good hair extension supplier.

3. When you have chosen a well educated and experienced technician who has undergone training with a reputable hair extension company. You should always ask to see their portfolio. This way you know that they can achieve the look you are after.

The truth is if you hair extensions are applied correctly they should not cause any damage at all. Your natural hair should be in the same condition as before you had your  hair extensions applied and if this is not the case you need to consider what has gone wrong!

Were the applied correctly?

Did you look after them and give them the TLC they require with the correct products etc?

Were they removed carefully and correctly with a non acetone remover?

Extension Professional have released a training video showing how their training day runs and what they are about. This kind of transparency within a company helps hairdressers choose the right path when embarking on the hair extension route and clients looking to have hair extensions the reassurance that the technicians that have undergone the Extension Professional training are going to do an amazing job!

Check it out :