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Top 5 Guide To Styling And Caring For Your Hair Extensions

So you have entered the wonderful world of  hair extensions and your hair is now looking thick and luscious! But how do you get the most out of your new locks? How do you keep them in tip top condition?

There are many do’s and don’ts for hair extensions and it is vital that you adhere to the “rules” of caring for your hair!

Here is our top 5 guide to styling and caring for your hair extensions:

2885U_New_Big_Hair_50mm_750px1. Always opt for blow-drying over straighteners. Yes, using hair straighteners is a quick fix but the damage it will be doing to not only your hair extensions but also your natural hair is irreversible. Heat is one of the main causes of damage. High heat straighteners will burn your hair. If you put your straighteners on your finger it will burn you that’s a given, well this is exactly what it is doing to your hair! We regularly hear people cry “but i cant blow dry”! Well we have a recommendation that can help. We love the Babyliss Big Hair Brush!  It is a rotating hair brush that also delivers heat to give you a great finish. 

2. Avoid tongs that clamp the hair. If you want a wavy style from your new hair extensions we would always advise you to use a wand not curling tongs. Tongs tend to clamp your hair and sandwich it between two hot surfaces. This is what gives hair extensions that stringy look. When using styling wands always avoid your bonds and keep it on a low temperature.

3. Use Moroccan oil on you hair regularly. Applying Moroccan oil to damp hair through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair and blow-drying will keep it soft and shiny. You need to bear in mind that you hair extensions will be lacking the natural oils that it would receive from your body. If your do not replace these your hair extensions are much more likely to become dry.

tangle-teezer-[2]-3667-p4. Use a Tangle Teezer to brush over your bonds twice daily. A Tangle Teezer is a great product that will not pull on your bonds and will de-tangling any matted hair quickly and easily. If you do not do this daily whilst also also separating your bonds you could end up with a matted dread locked mess…. not the must have look this season!!

5. Avoid over shampooing your hair. We advise you to wash your hair around 3 time per week. Use dry shampoo in-between. Too much washing can put unnecessary stress on your hair and bonds whilst also stripping your hair of its natural essential oils.

Following these few tips can help keep your hair extensions in the best possible condition ensuring you get a good life span from them.

Good Luck x