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The Mermaid Hair Craze

Recently our company founder Louise Bailey gave our client Ellie Goulding “Mermaid hair” using Extension Professional upon her request (See centre Picture). We have noticed a massive hair trend with this mermaid hair. It is a long, flowing hair style that we are loving. Here are some of our favorite Mermaid hair pics.

This craze has come from Disney who we personally think has given women through the ages majorly unrealistic hair expectations with all of their leading ladies having super thick immaculate hair. The mermaid hair started with the likes of Ariel the little mermaid who had beautiful flowing, seductive, wavy locks.

This beautiful mermaid hair with long, flowing beachy waves can be achieved easily with a full head of Extension Professional hair extensions and then taking time to style by simply blow dry then using a wand to add a slight wave your hair  and brushing out gently.

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