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Unite Clarifying Pre-Wash Shampoo 10oz



WEEKENDER Shampoo will deep cleanse your hair without removing its vital natural oils.

It’s the perfect product to use as a pre-wash before application of hair extensions or for when your hair needs refreshing. This product is free of sulphates, parabens and sodium chloride.

  • Use before hair extension application as a pre-wash treatment. Do not apply any conditioner when using for this purpose.
  • Deep cleanses without removing vital natural oils.
  • Can be used once a week and/or before repair treatments.
  • Eliminates environmental stresses and product build-up.
  • Non-stripping, sulphate-free cleansers
  • Gentle cleansing and colour-safe


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FOR BEST RESULTS: Wet hair, apply, lather, rinse and repeat as necessary. Also suitable to be used as a pre wash shampoo prior to hair extension application.