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Need To Know Guide On Getting Hair Extensions


So you are thinking of getting hair extensions and  have visions of you swishing and swooshing your lush mane of hair in slow motion as you walk down the street! You obviously want great quality and most likely a good price!

Well there are a few questions you should ask yourself when you make the decision to get hair extensions. Most people think you just whack them in a that’s that…. Wrong! Having hair extensions and keeping them in the best possible condition takes commitment. You need to maintain them to get the most out of them!

Why do you want hair extensions? Is it because you are struggling to grow your own hair or you just want a long mane of hair draped around your neck. Maybe you just want to add a little thickness due to your hair being a little fine or you have gone though some hormonal changes lately and have found your hair has got a little thinner. It is important that you know in your own mind what you want as you don’t want a load of hair extensions applied if you only want to make your hair look a little fuller! Maybe use a picture as a guide so that your chosen technician know what they are aiming for.

What is the best application method to go for? This is why research and a consultation is very important! Look in to what method you would prefer before hand. Our chosen method is Cold Fusion, this uses almost no heat and no glue. At Extension Professional the keratin is wrapped around the hair creating a bond that sits flat against the head. You may not choose this but make sure you know how your chosen method is applied and its pros and cons first.

What hair should I use? There are many different types of hair on the market. There is Chinese, Indian temple, Russian, Spanish, yaki… the list goes on and on. So which one is the best? Well our first choice is always Indian temple hair. This hair blends extremely well with European hair giving a lovely seamless finish. Extension Professional ensure that all the hair is ethically sourced and the best quality.  Our cuticle remains intact so that hair remains free from matting.

How do I find the right technician? This is one of the most vital parts! You need to trust your chosen technician completely. You cant just randomly pick them out of the yellow pages. Look around for a good quality salon or technician who has under gone a training course with a reputable hair extension company. Ask to see their portfolio of past clients and don’t be afraid to ask questions. You should ensure that you attend a consultation before hand for a colour match and for them to assess if your hair suitable. Any technician worth the salt will turn anyone away who’s hair is unsuitable rather than just applying the extensions and causing long term damage to the client natural hair!

Getting it right can be tricky with lots of unscrupulous cowboys out there, but look hard enough and you will find your perfect hair extensions 🙂