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Meet The Extension Pro Team – Louise Bailey

We are going to be introducing you to members of the Extension Professional team! Today we asked Louise Bailey our Founder & Managing director some burning questions just for you!

Louise Bailey – Managing Director & Founder

Why did you decide to start Extension Professional?

After helping set up another brand and using many different hair extension products I watched the hair extension  industry evolve and  noticed there was a massive gap in the market…. I realised there was something missing. It was so sad to see that long term hair extension wearers were suffering from hair damage from many years of inferior products and bad application techniques.

I started Extension professional as I had spent years as an extensionist looking for premium quality hair to use on my clients. A massive problem was companies made lots of promises and just didn’t deliver. I longed for a company that cared and offered great products, I was extremely disappointed to find most just didn’t! So I decided to do it myself. I made it my mission to build an extension brand that offers non damaging hair extensions not just and quick buck…… Extension Professional was born! We have developed an amazing training course and a unique and exclusive bond that will not damage the hair if applied and removed correctly.

What make Extension Professional different from other hair extension companies?

Extension Professional is one of the only companies that offer an non damaging hair extension system. It offers fast application time and a quick removal with no damage to the natural hair! We are the only company in the UK to offer  a unique C shaped bond that will not damage the hair, to ensure this is done we deliver a comprehensive training course that provides continued ongoing support long after you leave the academy. We train hairdressers only and are extremely strict on all trainees, passing our course is not easy! We work closely with our trainees showing them specialist cutting techniques to give them the skills to stand out from the crowd offering the most natural looking hair extensions.

Tell us a little about your background and experience.

I have worked within the hairdressing industry since I was 16 years old and have always had a passion for hair. I decided to expand my skills in to hair extensions……that was the beginning of my journey. Since then I  have worked with several hair extension companies over the years and have learnt a lot along the way. Hair extensions became my life and I love the feeling you get when your clients faces light up when they see the transformation you have achieved! Most recently I trained to be a qualified teacher so I can deliver my hair extension course myself. I now head our Extension Professional training course quarterly.

Do you have any celebrity hair extension clients?

Yes I am proud to say I have many Celebrity clients:

Ellie Goulding, Caroline Flack, Stacey Soloman, Brooke Kinsella, Josie Gibson, Vanessa White and Yasmin Le Bon are just some of my past and present clients.                                          

What is in store for you and Extension Professional in 2014?

We have lots of things in the pipeline for 2014 so you are going to have to watch this space. We are hoping to continue to expand and get our brand recognised as being one of the best! We also hope to collaborate with some like minded businesses to continue to make a difference with in the industry.

What is the most common question you get asked about hair extensions?

How much for extensions? – This is usually one of the first questions i get asked and one of hardest questions to answer. Everyone’s head and hair is different and it is impossible for me to give an accurate price without first seeing the persons hair. Hair extensions is a bespoke service so I always recommend a consultation.

If the Extension Professional Team had to describe you in 4 words what would they be?

Hundred miles an hour

What are your personal interests?

Sadly I hardly have time for personal interests at the moment with my busy schedule but when I am not working I spend time with amazing my son and fiancé

What is your Favorite quote?

Hair brings one’s self-image into focus; it is vanity’s Proving ground.