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Maintaining Your New Mane of Hair Extensions

So you have just indulged and had a beautiful new set of Extension Professional hair extensions applied. You walk out the door swooshing your hair looking and feeling like a million dollars. But how long will this beautiful bouncy mane of hair extensions last? What will you need to do to maintain it?

You will have received a maintenance card upon leaving the salon explaining how to maintain your Extension Professional hair extensions but  read on and we will answer some of our most frequently asked questions on what works best and how to prolong the life of your hair extensions.

1. Can I wash my hair as normal with my extensions in and do I need to use any specific products?


We Recommend that you wash your hair around 3 times a week and use dry shampoo if needed in between. When washing your hair with your new extensions in you will need to take that little bit of extra care. Do not wash your hair with your head forward. Work the shampoo down you hair, do not lather in to a ball on the top of the head as this can cause tangling of the bonds. Extension professional recommend using Unite shampoo and conditioner with your hair extensions to keep them in tiptop condition. Gently comb the conditioner through you hair and leave for a few minutes.

2. What is the best way to style my hair? Can I use hair straighteners and tongs on them?

Although all of our hair is 100% human Indian temple hair you do need to bare in mind that the hair is not physically connected to the head so it lacks the natural oils of your own hair slightly. This means  that your hair extensions will be more prone to drying out. Heat from hair straighteners and tongs are one of the main culprits for drying out hair extensions. using these will shorten the lifespan of your extensions rapidly. We recommend using a hairdryer to blow dry your hair and finish off and style using Regincos round brush. Finally use the Extension Professional brush to brush over the bonds daily. This soft bore bristle brush is perfect for keeping your hair and bonds tangle free!

3. Can I colour my hair with my hair extensions in?

We advise that you get your colour done around 1 week before you have your hair extensions fitted. You may then wish to have a T section of colour applied around 6 weeks after application ensuring that the bonded area is completely avoided. It is vital that your colour is done professionally as colour in between the bonded area and scalp can damage your natural hair.

4. How long should my Extensions last?

Provided you follow your maintenance instructions fully they should last 12 weeks. This is obviously dependent on the individual clients natural hair growth. After 12 weeks it is vital that you get you extensions professionally removed to avoid damage to you natural hair.

5. Do I need to attend regular maintenance appointments for my hair extensions?

Providing you follow the maintenance instructions you should not need any maintenance appointments for your Extension Professional Extensions during the 12 weeks of wearing them.

For a full guide on our hair extension aftercare check out our aftercare page: