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Last Extension Professional Training of 2013

Yesterday was day 2 of our last Extension Professional training course of 2013!  It went really well. We have lots of eager trainees raring to go! But they have not been let loose quite yet! On day 2 of our hair extension training course they  do a live model each. All trainers assist them and make sure that they get the bonds right and have picked up all of what they were taught on day 1.  After application we teach them our unique cutting technique, this is the secret to making the hair extensions look natural. This is actually something a lot hair extension technicians struggle with! It is a long day for all involved but well worth it! Now our new recruits  will have to go away and do 4 more model case studies on top of this and each one has to be individually assessed.

image (21)

Our teaching ethos is simple, We TEACH, ENCOURAGE, MENTOR, PRAISE, GUIDE, SUPPORT and hopefully  most vitally INSPIRE! We want each trainee to walk out feeling inspired to go and transform their clients hair and be the best that they can possibly be with our support and guidance! The unique thing about our course is the personal touch that we provide. We are in constant contact with our technicians offering support and advice whenever they need it. This is a unique way of working within this industry and we hope we are leading the way for change! We want to say good bye to the bad hair extensions for good!

Our hair extension models looked great after our new technicians had finished with them and below is an example of what can be achieved on our training.

image (22)

Pretty amazing for a first attempt, don’t you agree?! We cant wait to see their other transformations!