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How to Spot the Best Hair Extensions…

There is an overloaded hair extension Market at the moment! With lots of companies promising you the best hair extensions or the best quality but how do you spot the genuinely good hair extension companies?


Well there are a few things you can look out for that are markers for good quality hair extensions. A good hair extension brand will provide high quality training. It is important to research the company and the course. Is it accredited? Can you earn CPD hours from it? How long is the course? What does the course involve? Just asking these questions means that you can undertake the course with confidence in how you are going to trained.

Where is the hair sourced from and how is it processed? It is important to know what kind of hair you are going to be using and how they process it. You want a hair supplier that has ethically sourced hair that is processed in a gentle way with no bleaching. This will  ensure the hair quality is maintained and the cuticle remains in tact.

Is the bond colour coded to mach the colour of the hair extension? Making sure the bond is the same colour as the hair will help the hair extension bond be almost invisible in the hair. No one wants to look like they have hair extensions in.

And finally what is the application method? One thing to remember is any method can be damaging if applied by someone who is not trained properly or does not take care with their work. Do not be one of these people. Generally the hot rolling method can be extremely damaging to the hair putting a lot of tension on the natural hair and making removal extremely damaging.  Cold Fusion application and methods which contain no heat and no glue are generally the kindest methods to hair.