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How to look after Quality Human Hair Extensions. Are you doing it right?

Human hair extensions have become extremely popular recently, giving natural looking long locks to millions. If applied correctly they will not even look like hair extensions at all. If you are using the best hair extensions they should blend perfectly with your natural hair and remain in excellent condition for their full 12 week life span.

Here is the perfect example of completely natural looking human hair extensions using The Extension Professional Brand below.


Often though people are just not given the correct maintenance instructions. This is such an important part of the hair extension process! At Extension Professional all of our clients are given a guarantee and maintenance card  to take away with them. This provides them with the correct maintenance instructions and also offers a 90 day guarantee on their brand new human hair extensions.

Here are just a few basic aftercare instructions. More can be found in our Aftercare section 

1. Brush extensions twice daily using a tangle teaser, starting at the ends, working up and over the bond area to prevent matting.

2.Separate the bonds daily to avoid matting.

3. Keep your head up right when washing your hair extensions

4. Gently comb conditioner through your hair when conditioning avoiding the bonds.

5. Avoid serums and oils such as Moroccan oil near the bonded area.These should only be applied to mid lengths and ends. Oils on the bond can cause your bonds to slip.

6. Only use shampoos and conditioners that do not contain sulphate. People are often unaware of how damaging salt can be to your hair and your hair extensions!

7. Use the hair dryer nozzle when blow drying your hair extensions,  make sure the nozzle is pointing down the hair shaft from root to tip. This closes the cuticle and keeps the hair looking shiny and prevents frizzing.

8. Where possible avoid using hair straighteners, these could damage the hair extensions and your natural hair. Straighteners shorten the life span of your hair extensions rapidly! Try putting hair straighteners on your skin.You cant because they will burn you. So how can you consider doing the same thing to your hair?

9. Ensure you do not keep your extensions in for longer than the recommended period.  As after this point the distance between the bond and your scalp becomes too large and the bonds can twist and dread lock. 

Human hair extensions require you to take a little time to look after them. If you do this you will be sure to get the best out of your hair extensions.