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How To Get High Standard Hair Extensions

 Extension Professional is passionate about non damaging natural looking hair extensions. We recently did a bespoke in salon training and had an extremely high standard of trainees. It is important that from the beginning the trainees on our course aim high and understand how important it is to maintain that standard. This is how they will get happy customers who usually then become regular customers!

We teach our trainees how vital it is that they have a good foundation to build a set of hair extension on.

1. Firstly make sure your clients hair is suitable, there is nothing wrong with turning away a client whose hair is not suitable or too weak for hair extensions. The last thing you want is to cause them long term damage!

2. Get the correct colour match, without this you client is going to look ridiculous. All too often we see people with (unintentional) 2 tone hair!

3. When it is time to apply the hair extensions, get the basics right. Clean sections on strong hair. This will make sure that the extensions remain comfortable for the wearer and ensure that her hair does not get damaged.

4. Do not scrimp on hair. While you should not overload the head it is important that you do not scrimp on the hair as this will mean you client ends up with stringy thin looking hair extensions.

5. Get the cut right! Make sure you allow yourself enough time to get the perfect cut and finish on your hair extensions.

Keeping these simple steps in mind will help you achieve a high standard of hair extensions