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How To Get A Natural Finish on Hair Extensions

Extension Professional has just finished its May hair Extension Training Course. As all of the Extension Professional fans will know we pride ourselves on second to none training. This training course was no exception! We offer something a little different. This this sharing our expertise in the cutting and fishing of hair extensions. We teach our trainees how cut the extension so they blend perfectly with the natural hair as well how to get the best looking before and after pictures.

We had a great live models day at our training academy in Mayfair London, teaching trainees all they will need to know to be successful within the hair extension industry.

Here are some of the beautiful before and after pictures achieved by our new recruits, some of whom had never done any hair extension before. An exception job was done under the watchful eyes of our educators.


One of the vital factors after the perfect precision cut is the blow dry. The hair has to be blow-dried well and  the ends have to be worked to make them look like the natural hair. When taking the after picture you have to make sure the hair is picture perfect. It is important remember these pictures are representing your hard work to your future and potential clients and you should be attentive to the the final detail.