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How To Colour Match Unusual Hair Colours

We are pretty sure that all hair extensionists at some point has had a client walk through the doorwith an almost unmatchable hair colour. Sometime extremely vibrant colours can be a hair extensionists worst nightmare! The last thing any hair extensionist who takes pride in their work will do is let their client walk out the door with anything less than perfect hair.

So if this happens to you and you get a client who has very vibrant hair or a colour that doesn’t completely match there is something that can be done. It just means you need to take a little bit of extra time and use some good quality products to achieve the desired result.

A product that we have found is very good for vibrant colours is a brand called Crazy Colours. This brand staines the cuticle very well and gives a great all round colour.

This means it will hold the pigment well. When you do use this colour on you clients she will then need to continue with the same colour maintenance regime as with the natural hair but will just need to be extremely careful to avoid the bonds as this will cause the bond to break down and deteriorate. The Crazy Colour should be used on the hair extensions pre-application.

Good Luck!