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Girls Guide to the Right Hair Extension Company!


With hair extensions becoming a girls ultimate fashion accessory the choices on the market have also grow. With many companies jumping on the hair extension bandwagon trying to cash in on the lucrative market the decision about what hair extension company to choose can be very daunting!!

Well fear not we are here to help you make the right decision! When it comes to hair extensions quality is paramount. Similar to the beauty products on the market price ranges and qualities vary. But you really do get what you pay for. There so many brands on the market your head will start to spin! There are the”High Street” type of hair extensions where you get cheap and cheerful hair extensions at a low price. These pretty much do what it says on the tin, they are indeed “hair extensions” BUT what kind of quality are you getting? The cheap kind of course! These quick fix hair extensions are not going to be good for your natural hair and you are going to find they will not last the distance. They are often made from synthetic hair or from poor quality hair that has been stripped by harsh chemicals to achieve the colour. In no time at all you are likely to find the colour fading and the hair becoming dry and matted, often dreadlocking if left to its own devices. Not the look you were after I am sure!

Good quality hair extensions from a reputable hair extension company is defiantly the route to go! You ideally want the highest quality ethically sourced human hair. One that has not been stripped by harsh chemicals but that has had the colour gently lifted to create natural and silky hair extensions. Unlike most hair extension companies Extension Professional Guarantee the hair for 90 Days giving the clients peace of mind that their hair is going to really last the distance providing they follow the aftercare instructions fully.

The other point to take in to account is application method. At all costs avoid glue in extensions (this tends to be a cheap option). This method mixes with the natural hair meaning when its time for removal the hair extension glue and natural hair is fused together making removal a long stressful process on your hair. Of course some of your natural hair is going to be pulled out too meaning you are likely to have substantially thinner hair afterwards!

Weaving is also a damaging method for European hair as this hair is finer than Afro hair and not able to take the weight of the weft so well. The results are broken hair where the weft has been, most likely with sore tension spots where the weight of the weft has been pulling on it.

One of the best and most popular methods is cold fusion technology. Extension Professional offers this method  which uses almost no heat and no glue to apply the hair extensions. Keratin is sealed around the hair using a”sandwich effect” never mixing with the natural hair so when it is removal time the bond is simply broken down and slides off of the hair leaving it in tip top condition! 🙂