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Extension Professional Clip In Range

We have just completed our photoshoot for our new clip in range that we are going to launch within the next month. The shoot when great and we hope we achieved the preium look that we are going for! Below is a little preview:


We had the amazing Kathleen Bray leading the shoot along with Louise bailey who is our company director. Kathleen has many years of experience of getting hair looking perfect in pictures and has worked with brands such as Timotei and Garnier plus editorail work for Vogue, Elle and Marie Claire.

Louise has had so many of her clients asking her if she does a range of clip in hair extensions so many times over the years! “If I had a pound for every time a client asked me if i did clip in hair extensions I would be an extremely rich woman right now!” says Louise. “The problem for me was that I didn’t like how clip in hair extensions looked in clients heads. They were often obvious and didn’t look natural at all. I decided to look in to making natural looking clip ins and this is when my Extension Professional Clip In range was born!”

Our new range of clip ins are diferent to the rest of the hair extensions on the market. Most clip ins have a ridiculous amount pieces to attach, often anything up to 10 pieces! This can be time consuming to apply and very obvious in the clients head. Extension Professional’s new range of clip in hair extensions consists of 2 pieces. This unique design gives natural looking full, thick ends that usually do not need to be cut in by a stylist.

All we can say in watch this space, They are nearly here! 😉