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Dangers of Bad Hair Extensions

Hair extensions are an amazing little invention that can add thickness and length to otherwise sad looking hair. Having hair extensions has become pretty mainstream, with women of all ages opting for a helping hand.

There are many ways to apply them, there is glue, weave, Micro ring,  clip in, cold fusion…. the list goes on and on but sadly girls are often not aware of the damage that can be caused by badly applied hair extensions no matter what the method. There are so many people out there claiming to be fully trained hair extensionists while they have simply attended a one day course with no ongoing support and are now applying hair extensions to unsuspecting women sometimes causing terrible damage to the clients hair.


Horror stories include women suffering with terribly excruciating headaches from weave that has been sewn in too tightly to traction alopecia leading to baldness. Traction alopecia (see above picture) is caused by too much hair being applied to the clients natural hair, the weight and tension from the extensions on the wearer’s hair follicles can cause permanent damage and prevent hair regrowth.

image (17)

We regularly have people coming to us with their hair extension woes to sort out! Just recently a lady with a sad excuse for hair extensions who had had a full set applied a couple of weeks prior  asked for our help. The extensions were badly applied, with terrible tension on each bond. This causes an extremely sore head and can pull your hair out from the root leaving shiny bald spots all over your head! It took over 3 hours to remove these extensions. The clients scalp was sore and inflamed.

This doesn’t have to be the case, it is just a few reasons why it is important for anyone who decides to get hair extensions to do their research and don’t just look for the cheap option. You want an extensionist who has done an accredited and reputable hair extension course.  The Extension Professional Training course is the perfect example of this. It is accredited by Habia and Babtac – this ensures that a high standard of training is delivered. They are also members of The Fellowship of Hairdressing and are working with the Hairdressing Council on their petition to get all hairdressers registered. Extension Professional offer a 2 day course and 5 case studies completion with full support throughout. It is one of best course on the market for hairdressers only!

The only way we can stop this kind of thing from happening is working together, educating the clients on what they should be looking out for and the questions they should be asking. 🙂