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A Cheap Hair Extension Deal Horror!

We have all heard of Wowcher and Groupon. They are market leaders in offering huge discounts on all sort of goods. You can get a bargain holiday, product, beauty treatment or whatever takes your fancy at a massive discount. While for most part these sites offer good value, there are a few deals you should beware of. We had a client come to use after buying a deal on Wowcher, when she bought it she thought she had grabbed herself a right bargain. That was until she went to have the hair extensions fitted. She paid a mere £150 for a full head of micro ring hair extensions. To us  it sounds a little bit too good to be true…. Guess what! It was!

blog3This poor girl paid her hard earned cash out in good will to this hair extensionist  who then went on to make a complete mess of her hair! Her scalp was red and sore with tension spots all over her head where the micro rings were pulling at her natural hair. Her head was getting so sore she couldn’t sleep! The sectioning and placement were a mess…. Shocked doesn’t quite describe what we were. But the ultimate shock came when we pulled all of her hair to the back so we could have a look the final finish and blending. We discovered this Extensionist had simply put the hair extensions in her head a left them with no cutting or blending, literally leaving the hair extensions hanging there, poking out from under her own hair!

We have always championed good quality and reputable hair extensions. But sadly buying hair extensions on such discount sites can be a very risky business. Always ask yourself the question “Why are they on this discount site in the first place?”

blog4This lovely client came to us knowing her bargain hair extensions had turned in to a bit of a nightmare and needed our help. Sadly some damage had already been done. But we worked our magic on her hair and showed her what real hair extensions are about. We Gave her a full head of hair

Extension Professional hair extensions and needless to say she was over the moon with her new set of hair extensions. (see above picture)

We can not advise strongly enough to always research your hair extensionist. In the hair extension industry you should always keep in mind that you do get what you pay for. Once the damage has been done often it takes along time and a lot of work to fix it. Is it worth it?